Secret North Ox

Photo by Juho Niemelä

New track ”Boreal Forest” out now

”Boreal Forest”, the first new track from the future 2nd Secret North Ox album, is out now on all major streaming platforms. The track is inspired by the unique surroundings of different arctic boreal forest zones in Lapland.

From 700-year-old giant pine trees in the silent old-growth forests to stunted yet beautiful fell birches hardly fertiled enought to grow just below the tree line.

The cover photo above was taken while hiking in Kilpisjärvi area.

The debut album ”Deadwood Oscillations” out now

Listen to the album here

Secret North Ox is a drone/ambient endeavour of Juho Niemelä of long time Finnish experimental metal band Callisto, indie folk group Viitasen Piia and early 2010´s singer-songwriter project Lohtaja Sea Tragedy.

Summoning nearly spiritual and psychological purification through dark sound landscapes inspired by hiking in the serene wilderness of Finnish Lapland, the debut album Deadwood Oscillations is out on all major streaming platforms.

Mastered by Tommi ”Tommishock” Langen (, also friends Lauri Ainala (Paavoharju, Harmaa Getto, Orpokotijuhlat Saarella) and Arto Karvonen (ex. Callisto) contributed on two of the album´s eight tracks.

The album takes you to the northern fells where you need to hike endless days of never setting sun in order to set your mind in peace with yourself, your ghosts and this restless world.

The eerie sound landscapes of Deadwood Oscillations may not be as harmonically beautiful as the surrounding fells above the treeline. But they sure are purifying.

The tracklisting:

  1. Kaldoaivi Wilderness
  2. Ritual Fell Organ
  3. The Heaven´s Chart
  4. Trail to Kovddoskaisi
  5. The Tree Line (feat. Arto Karvonen)
  6. Corvus Corax
  7. Kapustarinta (feat. Lauri Ainala)
  8. Border Fells




Promotional photo

Secret North Ox promo picture.
photo credits: Kati Tiitola