About us

Snow topped fell in distance with nordic forest foreground, original photo by Harald Arlander

Secret North Media is an exclusive record label and media agency for alternative music and arts.

A branch of Joshua Music, Secret North Media was founded in 2020 by Juho Niemelä (Callisto, Viitasen Piia, Secret North Ox…) resulting from an inspirative moment experienced while hiking in the wilderness of Lapland in the autumn of 2019.

Secret North Media:

  • Releases alternative music
  • Takes care of the artists´ media connections & marketing
  • Produces short films (hiking, nature & music)
  • Composes music for podcasts, films or any media content needed by clients (contact us below)
  • Does other media related things such as visual design
  • Prints merch in the future
  • Plans to grow slowly but steadily